Terrassa TV share the essence of Jewish Life

The pianist, Marc Sumsi, and the clarinet player Tolo Genestar have presented this morning, by hand at El Cultural, the album that has recorded associates in MazikDuo. The album is titled "Jewish Life, Portraits of the Past", and in it they embark on the identity and contemporary Jewish history from ten compositions of various authors, and in which there is no lack of approaches to klezmer music from the look of two classical musicians. The duo sinks into the quality of the klezmer as a music that "cries and laughs at the same time." This repertoire has already been presented in auditoriums of Madrid, Malaga or the Balearic Islands.

El pianista terrassenc Marc Sumsi, deixeble de Miquel Farré, i el clarinetista menorquí Tolo Genestar, han aprofundit en la música jueva en el seu primer treball conjunt. Més informació a https://www.terrassadigital.cat
Bartolomé Genestar Marquès