IEB supports the concert in Torroella de Montgrí Festival

MazikDuo and its Jewish Life is on tour and last week (26th July), Tolo & Marc played in the beautiful Palau Solterra Palace, inside the Torroella de Montgrí Fringe Festival programation.

The concert was presented by Institut d’Estudis Baleàrics.
IEB organizes (often in collaboration with General Directorate of Culture of the Balearic Islands Government, the Institut Ramon Llull and the Catalan Institute of Cultural Industries) institutional presence of the Islands in strategic events for the promotion of our culture overseas. The support offered to artists and cultural enterprises is channeled through grants that cover part of the expenses of traveling, accommodation and production of promotional materials.

IEB also supports helping those attending fairs contact with professionals that may be of interest. Furthermore, if the professionals can not attend the show in person, IEB may distribute promotional materials that the artists facilitate and establish contact with agents, artists and managers elsewhere in their name, as long as applicants deliver the suitable material and authorize in writing IEB to use them.