MazikDuo in TOLEDO's synagogue (MusaE)

The next concert of MazikDuo is in the most important synagogue in Spain.

8th September in Museum Sefardí of Toledo presented by MusaE, an initiative of the Minister of Culture (Spain)

About the synagogue…

No one knows for certain when it was built because we have scarce documentary information taken from inscriptions elsewhere. Based on this information some historians claimed that this is the so called New Yosef ben Susán Synagogue who died in 1205. Others suggest that it could be the so called Yosef ben Susán Synagogue, backed by David ben Salomón Abí Darham in 1271.
However, most of today's scholars, based on the building's grandiose architecture, and the archaeology's results say that this is the Main Synagogue of the Toledo Jewish Quarter. It was built at the end of the 11th century by ibn Alfache, advisor and ambassador to Alfonso VIII, who was openly sympathetic toward Jews. After a fire in 1250 the synagogue was rebuilt.
Recently, attending to his profuse decoration similar to the nazarí art some investigator pleads for carrying his origin back in the time and dating the construction in the 14th century.
Bartolomé Genestar Marquès