Review at Revista Musical Catalana (15/10/2018 - Palau de la Música)

“A true concert proposal, which goes well beyond what offers (and it's a lot!) A stage like that of Palau de la Música” - Josep Barcons (RMC - 22/10/2018)

[MazikDuo] Not everyday young musicians have the opportunity to play in the main hall of Palau de la Música Catalana. But good initiatives like The First Palau, offers young performers (since 1996) who are on the threshold of professional the opportunity to experience an exceptional: a performance in the Concert Hall of the Palau de la Música, and communicate with an audience attentive.
Of the finalists emerges a winner.

Thank you to Josep Barcons and Revista Musical Catalana for the review of MazikDuo’s concert in Palau de la Música.

You can read the review in English here or visit the official site of the Revista Musical Catalana and the original catalan review by Josep Barcons.
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“[…] The opposite of what was seen in the second part of the concert, where the MazikDuo, consisting of Tolo Genestar on the clarinet and Marc Sumsi on the piano, presented a Jewish music program. More than thinking about a contest program, this solid training took advantage of the debut at the Palau to present its first record, titled Jewish life, portraits of the past, with which they already have time around for several scenarios and that has a great aesthetic coherence.

This election convinced, not so much for the music itself as for the interpretative attitude of Sumsi and Genestar. Because, more than in any of the performances seen so far, he made the impression that the two musicians (and perhaps the duet's name, which means "naughty" in Hebrew, has something to do with it) really well on the stage. The klezhmer repertoire helped her. But not only the repertoire, but the deep chamber work of the two performers, in which so much music was unfolded that the overwhelming virtuosity of some of the pieces was absolutely in the background. A true concert proposal, which goes well beyond what offers (and it's a lot!) A stage like that of The First Palau.”

Josep Barcons - 22/10/2018 (Revista Musical Catalana)